We are proud to announce substantive changes in the project

Why the project is so changed? It's simple - the whole December our team was helding various meetings with major investors and funds. Totally we held more than 10 meetings, and also pitched on the Moscow stock exchange and in the end we already have agreements on investments of more than $ 2,500,000.

Meetings with professionals from the field of blockchain-industry, investments and the stock market gave us a clear understanding of what the POLYMERIUM ICO project needs to be changed. Almost from all investors, we received suggestions to get rid of the idea of investing in production, and the ArmPack system must be finalized and brought it to a new level.

Now ArmPack is not only a system of protection against counterfeiting based on blockchain technology, it is an independent eco-system that includes a mobile app with functions that not only check the goods, but also is a multi-currency crypto-wallet. Manufacturers and brands will have a powerful system of marketing management and logistics with ArmBoard. All of this will be linked in some functional blockchain-based networks will continue to scale, and our developments will be applied by other companies to transfer business processes to the blockchain.

ArmPack will allow you to make payments faster and more reliable than any Bank transfers, while retaining all the advantages of the ideology of the blockchain — no intermediaries, you can transfer directly from one user to another.

Test network for developers will allow us to attract the best programmers and experts, and test new functionality for the core network.

ArmPack blockchain will be able to provide support and placement of third-party applications and projects at our facilities that will allow companies and teams to produce not only their tokens on our platform, but also to create more complex functional applications and projects.

We decided not to use mining to support the ArmPack blockchain, everyone will be able to place ArmNode and maintain uptime of their servers is not less than 90%, and every participant will receive percent from the commissions for the transaction. To embed the ArmNode you do not need expensive equipment and the creation of data centers. We have developed a unique concept that will allow the side projects blockchain to separate from the ArmPack blockchain, not to create an unnecessary burden on the main network, the main functionality of which will be the transaction of tokens and checking goods on originality. A separated blockchains will be integrated that will allow you to do transactions and other operations between the main blockchain and the side projects. Thus, our network will not experience the loads and delays in transactions, such as happened with the Ethereum network, during the launch of the CryptoKittes project.

Updated information on the date of the Token Sale posted on the website armpack.io , all current and new investors should register in the personal cabinet. All the investors who have bought PLM tokens will receive ArmCoin tokens automatically and +15% for the broken deadlines of the date of the ICO.

Best regards,
Team ArmPack


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