To participate in the ArmPack ICO and
to buy ArmCoin tokens follow these steps:

1. Login or register in the personal account by the link

2. Choose the desired currency for the purchase ArmCoin and click “create address”.

3. At the specified address send desired amount of the selected currency. This address will be assigned to you. You can buy ArmCoin at this page always during the ICO. You can send payment from your wallet and from any exchanger.

4. Wait until the transaction is completed and check the ArmCoin balance in the personal account. (from 5 minutes to 2-3 hours, depending on the network traffic).

To transfer the ArmCoin tokens to your wallet:

1. Register wallet at, save the seed phrase or the private key.

2. Copy your Ethereum wallet address (0x . . . . . . . .) and paste into your personal account in the field PUBLIC ADDRESS and enter the required quantity of ArmCoin for translation. Confirm by pressing “Withfraw”.

All transactions are processed and confirmed manually. We care about the safety of funds of our investors, so the time required for confirmation is usually from 1 to 10 hours.

3. If your Ethereum wallet ( do not show ARM tokens at the list, add it manually. To do this add the following information:

The address of the ARM token: 0x7348d402fcc22d37894fe874ff0b423fdcbfac58
Symbol: ARM
Fractions: 8

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