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First decentralized eco-system created to
protect against counterfeiting and to communications
“B-to-C”, which will allow you:

  • — to save to the manufacturers/brands up to $50 billion a year
  • — to protect millions of people from counterfeit goods
  • — to maintain feedback with customers and encourage purchases by using ARMcoin
  • — to companies to produce their own tokens on the ArmPack blockchain
  • — to use private or public blockchain for business processes of the companies, for side projects/applications

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About project

ArmPack is a system of protection against forgery. ArmPack will save from the fakes manufacturers and brands around the world, who lose $ 600 billion a year.

ArmPack was tested in a centralized form on the products of the POLYMERIUM brand (engine oil) and at 2 years there was not a single case of forgery.

ArmPack will give feedback from clients who can be motivated and encouraged for purchases and other actions with the help of mobile applications ArmWallet (expected over 20 million of users in 2019 and more than 100 million by 2020).

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How it works?

The system of protection from forgery ARMPACK is a proprietary development of our company. Before production we knew about the problems of brands in the fight against counterfeiting and imitations. Each POLYMERIUM's oil canister has a unique security code under a scratch off layer. Code is entered on the website and the buyer can see he has bought the original product or a fake. If the code was already entered, the buyer will see when and in what city it was made.

Step 1

Each manufacturer generates tokens/one-time codes for its products

Step 2

The manufacturer puts codes on their products

Step 3

The customer enters a code from the packaging on the manufacturer's website or on the ArmPACK website. Also code can be read using a smartphone (QR)

Step 4

The customer receives a confirmation of the authenticity of the product. Information about entering the code is stored in a decentralized database

Step 5

The manufacturer gets feedback from the buyer. Our database will show where and when the product was purchased. The code will not be used anymore

Step 6

The customer can add the token in his wallet to use in promotions of the manufacturer, exchange tokens with other shopper, or to pay for a manufacturer's products if it is provided by the manufacturer

ArmWallet will allow the buyer to easily and quickly get all the information about the product that you specify in the proper amount on the packaging is simply impossible. But, most importantly, the buyer in just a few seconds is able to verify the original product or fake. Way to check at the moment designed a few:

  • Standard for Armpack numeric unique code under a scratch-off layer
  • QR-code
  • The combined use of these two types of codes
You can also use NFC chips (if this will be true in a particular case, because the cost of this method is much higher).

An example of a combined use of different types of encodings: disposable numeric/alphabetic code, giving full access and functionality of the product information on the packaging combined with an open reusable QR-code with limited functionality. This method is suitable for use in products which are exposed on the open shelf in the supermarket. It is possible to apply a QR-code under a scratch off layer. It all depends on the nature of the product and its sale.



- Running a simple version of ArmPack to protect motor oil from the fakes

- Development of the ArmPack eco-system concept
- Тeam formation
- Raising investment at Pre-Sale $ 564,000

- Start of the ICO
- Create of working prototype of the ArmWallet application
- Develop of the ArmPack blockchain
- Conducting hackathons to attract the best programmers
- Development of the ArmPack community
- Accommodation of the ArmCoin on exchanges
- Conclusion of preliminary agreements with manufacturers for the introduction of the ArmPack system

- Start of the second stage of the ICO
- Testing the ArmWallet application (iOS/Android)
- Теsting the ArmBoard software
- Develop and start of the ArmTesting blockchain (analogue of the ArmPack which will be used for testing new developments, functions, open access to the community)
- Opening office in Switzerland
- Create of the ArmPack Academy to attract the best developers and specialists in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency

- Launch of the ArmPack system (including ArmWallet available in App Store/Google Play)
- Launch of the ArmBoard (software for manufacturers)
- Connecting manufacturers to the system
- Launch of the first promotions on ArmPack's smart contracts
- Develop of the ArmNode blockchain for the needs of companies and third-party developers/projects

- Testing of ArmNode alpha version
- Тesting of first apps for the ArmNode
- The increase of number of available in ArmWallet app currencies
- Connection of the system of instant conversion of ArmCoin into USD/EUR
- Launching the exchange ""

- Launch of the ArmWallet payment system (NFC)
- Launch of ArmNode alpha version
- Increase of the ArmWallet/ArmBoard functional

- Launch of the ArmNode v.1.0
- Connecting processes and applications of companies/developers/projects to ArmNode
- Increasing the base of manufacturers connected to the ArmPack system 2019 Q4
- Start of ICO projects based on ArmNode
- Improving the ArmPack ecosystem
- The introduction of ArmNode technology in the banking sector

- Start the first ICO on ArmNode
- Improvements to the ecosystem ArmPack
- Introduction of ArmNode Technologies in the Banking Sector
- Improving ArmPack's blockchain capacity (transaction in the network is less than 5-10 seconds)



The businessman, the founder of POLYMERIUM brand


Businessman, Technical Director


Director of Development


Developer, specialist in block-chain technology and crypto-currencies


Technologist, chemist, specialist in petro-chemistry sphere



Maxim Zhmyhov

Marketer, public relations specialist, video production



The businessman, the crypto-currency investor, the founder of the trading house "РыжковЪ"


Businessman, lawyer, advises medium-sized businesses


Member of the Public Chamber of the Voronezh Region. Businessman


Expert in Internet Marketing and UI / UX Design


What People Say

Steinar Hoel Korsmo

- founder and director of an international fund: Seed Forum International.

Mr. Korsmo advises a number of states on the development of innovative projects and cluster development programs. He is one of the founders of the mechanisms of the cluster approach in Norway and the Scandinavian countries.

Has experience in organizing and conducting investment trainings and investment events of the Seed Forum in 40 countries, 80 investment events of the Seed Forum and 160 preparatory trainings per year.

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CryptoWorkPlace joined to the ArmPack

All CryptoWorkPlace's released devices will be protected by ArmPack system against forgery and this will make the safety of your crypto-wallets even better.

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We are proud to announce substantive changes in the project

Why the project is so changed? It's simple - the whole December our team was helding various meetings with major investors and funds.

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ArmPack on Moscow stock exchange

CEO Sergey Senchikhin spoke at Moscow stock exchange, on Seed Forum, where we have been able to attract not only investments of traditional venture fund, but also to hold prior negotiations with several companies, who are concerned with the use of ArmPack for their brands.

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ArmPack along with crypto fund Movget are making a documentary about bitcoin and blockchain

Everyone understands that to draw attention to ICO and crypto-projects is very difficult nowadays.

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Hackathon of ArmPack

We are glad to inform about the start of our first hackathon, aimed at searching for the best teams and developers to our team, as well as establishment of community of developers, which will be able to use our system further.

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